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Explore Knowledge Academy

Explore Knowledge Academy Distance Education Program Plan School Year 2022 – 2023

General Statements:

Explore Knowledge Academy (EKA) is offering a Distance Education program for the FY 2022 – 2023 school year. All students in grades K-8 may select Distance Learning for the upcoming school year. Only previous EKA students may select Distance Learning for high school. EKA will not enroll new high school students for their Distance learning program. All distance education courses will last for one full semester. All courses offered at EKA are all aligned to NVACS. All classes for all grade levels will be one school semester in length. High school classes will have a weight of 0.5 credits per class. Students enrolled in Explore Knowledge Academy (EKA) Distance Learning Program will be enrolled in 6 classes and be expected to spend a minimum of 5.5 hours a day online working on their assigned coursework.

The Elementary Program:

Elementary students enrolled in EKA’s Distance Learning Program will receive their academic content through Edgenuity/Accelerate Education. All students will be enrolled in six classes. The courseware from Edgenuity provides content to meet the needs of all learners, while maintaining the rigorous Nevada Academic Content Standards. The online platform is easy to use with interactive lessons. Synchronous small and large groups sessions are available for students.

The Secondary Program:

Enrollment: During the enrollment period this year, families will be given the choice to select either our traditional face-to-face program or our distance education program. This will be done as part of our online enrollment process. Any family may request to be a distance learning student if their student is in grades K-8. Only previous EKA students may enroll in the Distance Learning program for high school. Prior to acceptance, a representative of EKA will discuss with the parent/guardian the supervision required and clarify the rules for students/families prior to signing the Distance Learning Contract. Students enrolled in other schools may not attend EKA’s distance learning program on a full time or part time basis. Students outside Clark County may not attend any of EKA’s programs. Only EKA full time enrolled students may participate in the distance learning program. The distance learning program is a full-time program; students may not be enrolled in both distance learning and face-to-face learning at EKA at the same time.

EKA’s counselors and members of the student support team will ensure that students at all grade levels are enrolled in the appropriate classes for their grade level or those needed for high school graduation. All middle and high school students will meet with a counselor to develop their plan of study for the year. Plans of study will be completed in the CCSD Infinite Campus system.

Attendance/Academic Progress:

EKA will monitor attendance and participation for each Distance Education student through the Accelerate Education or Edgenuity system and report that information in the Infinite Campus system on a weekly basis. Student attendance in each course is electronically recorded through the Accelerate Education or Edgenuity Management System. Students will receive a positive attendance record for the weeks students log into the system to attend classes, participate in the program and/or complete assignments within the program. If a student misses’ classes for an entire week, they will be marked absent for that week and a member of the student support team will reach out via email to the student and/or parent to give them an update on their assignments and any missing work.

Students are expected to complete all of their six courses within one semester. Students in middle and high school must achieve a final grade of 60% or higher to receive credit for the course. Students who are not making progress, completing assignments on time, or continuing at the suggested pace discussed at the initial counseling meetings will be contacted by members of the student support team. If a member of the student support team cannot make contact within10 school days, the student will be blocked from their coursework. The student will then be withdrawn from the EKA Distance Education program.

A licensed EKA teacher, or member of the student support team, will be responsible for assigning and issuing final grades for all coursework. Students will be required to meet all expectations and standards in the course syllabi. If a student is struggling or in need of additional guidance, a member of the student support team will be available to them to assist in providing study skills, organizational skills, arranging time with a course teacher, or other support as needed. When a student fails to log in to the system for a week, this too will trigger the student support team to reach out and contact the student and or family to get the student back on track as soon as possible.


Students will be required to take and pass any exams within the Accelerate Education or Edgenuity program. Minimum performance criterion will be 60% to pass. Midterm and Final Exams will be taken on campus and proctored by an EKA teacher. Students will be required to take all standardized tests required by the State of Nevada in person, on campus, following the guidelines outlined by the state. Parents/Guardians in the program must sign the Distance Learning agreement stating that they acknowledge that their student must take all required exams on campus, prior to their student being admitted.


EKA will loan technology to our Distance Learning students that do not own their own devices. Our loan program ensures that all students have access to the technology at home they need to be successful at our school. Families will be sent an informational letter with a form to complete for the Technology Loan Program prior to the start of the school year. In the weekly newsletter, EKA will continue to make families aware of low-cost internet and the school counselors will work with families to assist them in acquiring access. Families will also be notified of any options that the state creates, or other public hotspot locations throughout the city or on campus. EKA will also have hotspots and connectivity pay as you go cards for families that do not qualify for a low-cost internet option.

Individualized Programs:

English Learners, students with Individualized Education Plans and 504 plans, along with those students who test in the lowest 40th percentage on the NWEA Map tests will receive needed specialized services. Services can be performed on campus or may be arranged with the specialized instructor through distance/electronic means.

Nutrition Services:

Students will not have access to nutrition services, as Explore Knowledge Academy (EKA) does not provide nutrition services.